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Digital Marketing, selling anything on an online platform becomes easy through digital marketing. If you want to convey your message to others, then with its help you can reach more and more people through online. If you want heavy traffic, then you can also get that with their help. The term Digital Marketing was first used In 1990. The First Clickable Web Ad Banner was introduced In 1993.

In 1994, There was the launch of Yahoo and the first e-commerce transaction, over the Net Market. In 1996 Hotbot, Looksmart, and Alexa were introduced this year, it was a small search engines. And in the year 2000, smaller search engines were wiped out.Then in 2001, Universal Music launched which was the first mobile marketing campaign. After that many platforms were launched Such as LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.When marketers saw that we were getting a lot of traffic at the same time and also we had nowhere to go.Then digital marketing was started on all platforms as per the interests and behavior of the people.

We can take any platform where we will get huge traffic to reach our target audience. We will not be able to reach our target audience or even get much reach. Digital marketing means doing marketing not by visiting markets but online. Some such ways by which our message can reach the people to whom we want to convey. In this era, the Internet is the biggest platform where we can search for anything and find it anytime, from anywhere.

In today’s time, everyone is sitting on the online platform and if he wants something, he wants to get it from us sitting at home.Digital Marketing gives your platform the pinnacle that makes you reach to everyone.Digital Marketing helps you to reach traffic on your platform which helps you to grow your Business If your platform does not have that interactive attraction, then it will fail even after reaching the traffic, So keeping this in mind, Digital marketing makes your platform according to your client/customer.

Let’s take a look at some inner points of Digital Marketing

* They are able to customize your platform as per your client or customer.

* They help you to rank your platform with the help of SEO on the SERP to be get found your Customers or clients.

* It gives better results in campaign ads.(Like Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and Paid campaigns) 

* A Digital Marketing Agency also gets you done at every point where you are needed in the digital world. 
Digital means Marketing helps you to grow your business online through Various Platform

There are some big and well-known platforms where we can run ads to reach our potential customers or we also get huge traffic on all these platformsThe names of these platforms are:-FacebookGoogle-AdsInstagramTwitterLinked-in On these platforms, we will get a huge no of people.

Benefits:-Through digital marketing

*We can sell our products online sitting at home.
*We can reach every needy customer who needs them.
*We can target those customers who want something related to that product.
*We can target even those customers who are not even aware of that product.
*We can Target the customer through their behavior and Interest also.

Detriment about Digital Marketing

*In this, you can not only get the digital means marketing of your business done by a special digital marketerbut can also do it by learning yourself.
* You always have to stay updated on the market
* You always have to be attentive in your work
* you need a lot of creativity and skill in digital marketing. If You don’t have creativity you can’t grow in this field.

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